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At TechTree, we're creating a mentoring and community building platform for devs designed to break bias in tech. By connecting devs with mentors to hack their careers, while helping them tell their story, we believe we can make tech a fairer more open place to work.

Pawel Tomczuk

CEO & Co-founder


Pawel Tomczuk, born in Poland & living in London since 6 years. At 22 started a strategic communications firm which he has sold to Publicis Groupe after growing it to approx. 70 people. After moving to London advised tech companies with various challenges in scaling and started TechTree to focus on tackling diversity in the engineering world. Father of 3 amazing kids, who loves reading Harry Potter and playing board games with them.

James Tuckett

CTO & Co-founder


James Tuckett, grew up on a diary farm in the West Country. Moved to London in 2012. I'm a self taught engineer and designer. Worked as a CA for 2 years before moving to London to setup a Peer-2-Peer marketplace platform. Went through Startupbootcamp's London accelerator in 2014. Raised circa ~2M GBP. Built the team to just shy of 20 and eventually sold the business in 2016. Since then I've been advising B2C FinTechs and early stage companies. I've recently...

Samuel Jervier

Head of Community and Events


My philosophy is that the most successful communities are those that can create a sense of belonging for its members and that real value is created with trusted, authentic connections. Being part of a coworking space for data science, I spent 5 years seeing first hand how making an introduction between two people from completely different backgrounds can be the driving force for personal and professional growth.

Nothing excites more than the sense of reward I feel when connecting developers...

Krista Walker

Business Development Lead


Krista Walker, half German and half Australian, born in Tasmania but speaks fluent German. Background in media sales for Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, selling event sponsorships, digital solutions and print media. Moved to London 2 years ago and discovered the exciting tech startup world, having worked at Kandidate a recruitment platform startup and now TechTree. After nearly half of the London experience being covid related has found solace in parks and can be found nearly every day in Hyde Park!...

Laurence Sangarde-Brown

VP Partnerships & Co-founder


Laurence Sangarde-Brown was born in London and grew up in Guildford. Made 2D/3D films and built a golf course, before accidentally getting into startups when we met (and shared his hip flask with) a successful entrepreneur/senior advertising exec on a ski lift. Confirmed cooperation as they hoped off and joined Kippsy (£1m+ funding) as 1st employee & Operation Director to build a property rental marketplace (Airbnb clone). Then had a short stint at a boutique corporate finance house, focus on...

Isaiah Isijola

Senior Software Engineer


Isaiah Isijola, born in Lagos, has been living in Dublin since he was 5. Began programming from a very young age (9) and entered industry as a professional software engineer at the age of 17. Has been awarded several academic scholarships and was selected to represent Ireland in European Cyber Security Challenge. Currently working full-time in concert with full-time university education, at Trinity College Dublin, studying Computer and Electronic engineer, achieving a first-class honours throughout. Worked at companies such as:...

James Condon

Business Development Lead


James Oliver Condon, born and raised in Ireland. My background has always been sales starting from retail, I worked my way to into SAAS sales working for Indeed, Jobbio, & VanHack where I worked remotely for 2 years pre-pandemic so I was already used to working remotely thankfully. My position at VanHack was to grow the Vancouver CAD based business across the EU. When I first got contacted by TechTree the idea and goal seemed so genuine and unique I...

Clare Bottomley

Head of Talent Partner Network


Clare Bottomley, born in West Sussex, now living in London. An entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, I’ve always had boundless ambition and endless ideas! I enjoy competitive risky sports, mountains and fresh air so you can also find me getting involved in hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding and weight training. I also like to paint, draw and sing; in my 20’s I was very lucky to record my voice for a white label track and sell a couple...

Jack de Grave

Software Engineer


I've had my struggles in the past with my career path, it was only recently I retrained as a software developer at the age of 30. I can't imagine what it would be like to have additional struggles on top of this. That's why TechTree gives me huge optimism that we can have a positive impact on the lives and careers of developers, especially those from under networked and diverse backgrounds.

Alex Tudor

Senior Software Engineer


Alex Tudor, born and raised in Romania, now living in Madeira, Portugal. During childhood I've discovered I have a natural inclination towards engineering, building systems using common tools and sharp analytical skills. I've grown in my professional carreer working as a web developer in several tech and fintech companies in Romania, such as Gameloft and Societe Generale and later pursued the challenge of growing startups from the ground up, in Portugal.

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