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At TechTree, we're creating a mentoring and community building platform for devs designed to break bias in tech. By connecting devs with mentors to hack their careers, while helping them tell their story, we believe we can make tech a fairer more open place to work.

Pawel Tomczuk


Before I started TechTree I was in a uniquely privileged position - I have sold my previous business 8 years ago (and haven’t spent everything I’ve earned) and I was doing quite well as an independent consultant. I always knew that I’m going to launch another business again, but I had a lot of time to decide what it’s going to be.

What lead me to create TechTree was:

Sense of nonsense - I thought “engineering should be a space...

Samuel Jervier

Head of Community and Events

My philosophy is that the most successful communities are those that can create a sense of belonging for its members and that real value is created with trusted, authentic connections. Being part of a coworking space for data science, I spent 5 years seeing first hand how making an introduction between two people from completely different backgrounds can be the driving force for personal and professional growth.

Nothing excites more than the sense of reward I feel when connecting developers...

Aylin Arabacioglu

Head of Recruitment

I am creating strong relationships between our clients, candidates and talent partners and make them see the world through each other’s eyes. I am continuously on the lookout for signs of growth and driven by helping others experience success. My focus is to improve the overall performance of the direct sourcing strategy including diversity & inclusion.

James Condon

Head of Business Development

In a world with new borders being added daily, TechTree is instead building bridges. I have worked in tech recruitment the last 4 years and for a sector that should be based on getting hired on merits alone, we see little to no diversity among tech teams. I personal believe it's from lack of connection/exposure to diverse peers the people who can guide, mentor/inspire the journey they are going currently through.

I believe by having more clear diverse mentors in...

Jack de Grave

Software Engineer

I've had my struggles in the past with my career path, it was only recently I retrained as a software developer at the age of 30. I can't imagine what it would be like to have additional struggles on top of this. That's why TechTree gives me huge optimism that we can have a positive impact on the lives and careers of developers, especially those from under networked and diverse backgrounds.

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