How bounties work

Help your friends and get rewarded for it!

On TechTree you can help your friends get meaningful jobs instead of browsing through tons of emails from random recruiters!

It's possible thanks to bounties - an impact based payment, that's due every time someone benefits from your actions on TechTree.
We strongly believe that when value is created because of someone's actions that value should be shared.

What are bounties?

Bounties are cash rewards, you can use them however you want, like a downpayment for your property, spending them on an amazing vacation, or on one of the options we offer through our platform. It is up to you

What you can do with bounties on TechTree?

share bounty

Split it or keep it

- Split it with the person you've referred.
- Use as a downpayment for your property and more
- Go for an amazing vacation!

share bounty


- To an open source project you support.
- To charity