Terms & conditions

Key terms
  • TechTree will introduce vetted candidates, who are recommended by your team, TechTree users and professional communities & creators [TechTree Network].
  • TechTree would charge a monthly subscription fee of 200 GBP per month.
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled on a monthly basis
  • You set a total budget for bounties at any level you like - you can set different levels for different roles.
Engagement Process

C2C Talent Network Ltd a company incorporated in England, registered company number 12040697 (“TechTree”) whose registered address is Unit 6, Queens Yard, White Post Lane, London, England, E9 5EN is an online platform, where companies can get access to candidates, whose skills and experience match the needs of the companies thanks to recommendations of its users. Upon agreement of these terms and conditions, TechTree will enable the company to:

  • Company profile on TechTree platform including job posts
  • Get access to the candidates to particular job offers recommended by TechTree network
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled on a monthly basis
  • Dedicated link to share with their own network to enable recommendations for each offer

TechTree will introduce candidates, who:

  • Were recommended by the experts network, professional communities or known to the TechTree and its employees and partners or were recommended by other TechTree clients in the past [TechTree Network].
  • It considers to be relevant for a specific role. The candidate will have relevant experience to undertake the role, and have given consent to TechTree for such introduction to be made. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to determine the suitability of the candidate for the relevant positions, including (without limitation) taking up references, arranging medical examinations and work permits.

The Client responsibilities include:

  • Giving prompt feedback to the candidate received from TechTree
  • Sharing feedback with the candidates directly and informing them about next steps of the process
  • Informing TechTree about decisions regarding the candidates received from the Company after every step of the process
  • In case of a positive decision about the candidate the Client is required to share the details of their agreement with the Company specifically: their salary, contract length and the starting date.
Fees and Payment
  • TechTree would charge a monthly subscription fee of 200 GBP per month at the beginning of each month
  • The subscription payment is not due in the initial 2 weeks, during which customers can cancel the contract at any time.
  • Every time the Client posts a job on TechTree they have to set a bounty fee. The fee can be set separately for different roles.
  • An additional 50% of the bounty amount is set aside for the promotional budget that is paid out to users who have successfully promoted the role.
  • When a hire of a candidate is made, the Client has to pay the bounty and TechTree will distribute it to the users who helped to source the candidate. TechTree will issue an invoice at the acceptance of the offer by the candidate and the invoice will be due in 7 days.
  • In case the candidate you had received via TechTree is hired you’ll be due to pay the following fees to TechTree, that the Company will later distribute to users who have helped with the hire:
    • 100% of the bounty is split between the referrer and the successful candidate
    • 25% of the bounty is paid to the creator who has promoted the role
    • 10% to the person who has shared the link to the job post or bounty board, which was used by the successful candidate or referrer. This fee would be payable to TechTree if the candidate was hired directly through its links.
    • 15% TechTree fee, which is reduced to 0 if the candidates are hired outside of TechTree Network. For example, if a hire is made thanks to referrals from the Company employees, investors, or advisors then our fee would be waived.
    • For a fully worked example please see our page in GitBooks
  • For contract roles [shorter than 9 months or part-time] the bounty would be 20% of their monthly fee payable at the end of each month, not less than 500 GBP a month. The initial fee will be charged on the candidate’s acceptance of the offer and then at the end of each month. In case a contractor would move to a full-time permanent role TechTree would charge the Client 25% of his annual salary minus the fees paid by the Client to TechTree during the contracting period. If the Client decides to move the contract to a full-time permanent role within the first 3 months of the contracting period the fee would be reduced from 25% to 20% of the annual salary.
  • Resumes that have already been received by Client directly, through Client’s own internal recruiting efforts, will not be considered for TechTree representation. It is the client’s responsibility to inform TechTree of any prior knowledge of a submitted candidate within 3 days of candidate submission, prior to the scheduling of the first interview.
In case when the Client selects the single payment option, if the Candidate appointed by the Company recruited via TechTree should resign or be dismissed from your employment within 2 months of employment, then TechTree is committed to the following cashback:
  • 100% Refund up to 2 weeks
  • 80% Refund up to 1 month.
  • 50% Refund up to 2 months
  • No refund after 2 month
Term and Termination
The terms of this contract are valid during a 12 month period starting from the date of this agreement and are renewed for successive periods of 12 months unless otherwise terminated. The agreement can be terminated at any point with a 1-month notice, effective from the last day of the month in which the written termination notice was received by TechTree.
The Client would still have to pay the bounties in case anyone who was submitted via TechTree is hired by the Client, even if it takes place after the agreement was terminated or expired.
Data Protection and Privacy
Client recognizes that TechTree will provide Client with certain individually identifiable information about potential candidates (“Candidate Data”) in connection with the performance of this engagement. Client understands the sensitivity and importance of this data, and therefore agrees that it will expressly limit the use, disclosure, and processing of Candidate Data solely for the purposes of evaluating candidates in connection with these services. The client also agrees to use its commercial best efforts to implement and maintain technical and organizational security measures to protect Candidate Data against unauthorized or unlawful processing, accidental loss, improper access, disclosure or damage. Client agrees that in the event of a data breach involving data directly provided by TechTree and/or its associates, the Client must report this no later than 24hrs after an individual is first made aware. A personal data breach for the purpose of this contract is; the loss of control over an individual’s personal data where their rights or freedoms may be put at risk.
In addition, Client agrees to inform itself of, and observe, data protection and privacy regulations and requirements that apply to Candidate Data. Client agrees to ensure that when transferring data, appropriate safeguards are in place to ensure the security of information and adhere to all GDPR data protection laws. Client must ensure third parties in receipt or exposed to personal data provided by TechTree will adhered to the data protection terms outlined in this contract. Client will indemnify, defend and hold TechTree harmless for any damage or expense, including attorney’s fees and costs, resulting from the Client's contravention or other violation of these provisions or any applicable data protection or privacy regulations or requirements.
Distribution of the information to professional communities and expert network
The Client acknowledges that the TechTree business model is built on recommendations from its network and therefore agrees that TechTree will communicate the cooperation around particular roles in various forms of communication, included, but not limited to information on the website, newsletter, posts in the social media etc.